Joe Lugara

Historically, watercolor is considered a drawing medium. However, I make no distinction between working in watercolor and painting in oil or acrylic; my gestural approach to each is the same. Watercolor is no less effective than oil when it comes to making important statements. (For information on Bacon Strips, see text beneath slideshow).


Bacon Strips
Filmmaking is the most horizontal of all arts and I suppose for that reason I subconsciously connected horizontality to narrative, to the movies’ capacity for telling stories. But as a painter I was never much interested in telling tales. These little watercolor works I call Bacon Strips (included as part of this watercolor slideshow), with their immoderately vertical formats, are the antithesis of the cinema screen—tipped-up, wholly abstract and deprived of their narrative capabilities as a result of having been turned upright. But despite their abstract qualities, they should pose this question: Can a visual experience ever be successfully divorced from narrative, from the continuum of events, actions and thoughts that constantly absorb us?